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Bone Health

Links Calcium 600mg + D3
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Improved Formula

Improved High Potency Formula

What it is

Links CALCIUM 600mg D3 is a high potency bone health supplement, containing both calcium and vitamin D3 in one convenient table, to help ensure better calcium absorption.

Why you need it

Calcium supports strong bones and teeth. Consistent and adequate intake of calcium may help prevent osteoporosis later in life. It is also essential for several vital body functions such as muscle contraction and blood pressure regulation.

Vitamin D3 helps to promote the absorption of calcium and may relieve symptoms of calcium deficiency such as muscle cramps, constant fatigue, brittle nails and joint pain.

How Links CALCIUM 600mg D3 may help

  1. Prevent osteoporosis
  2. In the prevention of muscle cramps
  3. Build up bone and teeth
  4. Maintain bone density and strength
  5. Regulate heartbeat, blood clotting and muscle contraction
  6. The body use phosphorus for building bones
  7. To increase the calcium deposits in bones

Per Tablet Contains:

  1. Elemental Calcium              600mg

          (Calcium Carbonate)

  1. Vitamin D3                          200 iu

        (as Cholecalciferol)

Does not Contain:

Sugar, starch, wheat, yeast, preservative, artificial colour or flavour.


Take one or two tablets daily, preferably with a meal.


Store in cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Manufactured in USA for:

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